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Does your Water contain Calcium?

Drinking the mineral water containing calcium is the right way of in-taking calcium with low calories other ingredients. It is rightly claimed after a series of successful research conducted at the Leibniz University Hannover in Germany. Taking calcium contained in mineral water not only fulfills our daily metabolic needs but also helps in burning calories writes the university journal.

Mostly high calories foods naturally contain calcium. Eating these high calories foodstuff fills our calcium requirements but as unwanted, it increases our calories. So in-taking these stuff for healthy metabolism is no more a right choice as it adds obesity and makes our lifestyle a bit difficult.

How strong our body is to absorb the calcium was the main subject of the study.  Researchers took five different food products including dairy and animal products. Each of them had containing 300 mg calcium. Mineral water with maintained 300 mg calcium also experimented in this series.

It was observed, mine…