Watering Delhi Only a Political instant

Precaution is better than cure is a universally applicable quote its fit with the gas chambered Delhi too. Repeating same mistakes and making it political is no more new to our society. Serious issues need not to be undermined at all.

In last couple of years we have experienced Delhi gets enshrined in a hazardous gas chamber, and as it chamberize every year same with the statement of the top politicians and taking emergency measures to curving it. But will it ever curve the breathing and skin irritation problems what we face on yearly basis. Really, who can be made responsible for this?

Why our responsible heads are not rooting out prime factors questioning our health setbacks. And next to this, they are not taking right action at the emergency like situation too. It is well fit to us administrator is the replica of his citizens. So only blaming to our represented head is will no more solve this plaguing issue. We also need to act as an active social identity.

This year we see, it was observed serious health issue, political heads started doing war of words and blaming one another. It took many working days to enforce right measures to curving it. Just talking about artificial rain and watering Delhi using helicopter was waving in our surroundings everywhere from social media Facebook and Twitter to the prime time news. People at the tea shop were not less engaged waving it. Is it really feasible to create artificial rain using silver iodide during this emergency hour? No, not at all, it cannot be possible. Watering Delhi using helicopter doesn't seem practical as it will cause huge expenditure what we cannot afford.

Enforcing odd - even formula after a week will improve the environmental problems but it could benefit better if it could be enforced immediately but that need a speedy procedure and the right willingness of our governing heads.

Watering your body from in and out i.e. drinking and cleansing both will benefit in this emergency like situation. Use of purified water or mineral water boost up our resistive abilities.

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